Terms & Condition

You can publish any type of your advertisement at anytolet.com. You will get the full access of adverstise system. If you want to publish a featured advertise, contact with site administrator. According to diffrent cyber rules and our service policy there are few instructions/rules from us. Please try to follow the rules and regulations for better experience.

1. All free advertisements will published for two months without free of charges. 

2. Strictly porhibitted to write irrelevent text as advertise description. If you violet this rules your ad will be delete and user account will block without any prior notification. 

3. If we got any fake or spam advertise at anytolet.com, this account and advertise will remove permanently and the email account will block at this system. 

4. If you face any technical difficulties, contact with us as soon as possible. Anytolet development team may reply.